E Business Definition with Different Types of Strategy

Learn what is e business definition and the meaning of its models, standard and types of strategy used to ensure enterprise success.

What is E Business Definition

According to DOBAu e-business, stands for electronic business. It is recognized as the technological interface that overlaps the commerce transactions and processes in a store. It supplements a store in all its processes such as administration, financial, human resources, supply of goods and services, sales and marketing.

At its core, the main features it takes are two main elements known to eCommerce which are B2B (business to business) and most widely B2C (business to consumer). Read below of the models, standard, strategy and types involved.

Business Models

E-business models are mostly the method and form of which ebusinesses function. They are customizable and can adapt to the type of business venture that’s carried out, such as logistics, retail store, services provider, among others. These models implement corporate strategies which are defined within their trade secrets establishment, directed by goals and objectives through an enhanced e-business concept. Any enterprise that wants to be successful these days must implement such models. So do not delay, get started now.

Business Standard

From standard, we can state that it is the market-wide definition of what ebusiness really is. Overall, it is widely accepted that e businesses do not require a physical store nor major staff to operate. They usually sell goods which are mailed to the customer’s home through drop shipping processes or e-goods (such as e-books, software, games, among others) which are intangible that are delivered through download.

Business Strategy

E-business strategies differ from the common market SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) concepts. They view the market from an Internet perspective under which the markets share are the demand that comes from online users and that the providers for such demands mostly are e-commerce websites, that do not have a physical retail storefront, and that at many times are single person companies ran from dorms. It is essential to have the best business analysis and development strategy to ensure enterprise success. This is because there has been tremendous increase in this way of business over the last few years.

Types of E-Commerce

Major types of e business are retail stores, services providers, software, games, online courses, entertainment in general, among many others. These are the ones that are widely used, however, the physical businesses overlap the online markets and also provide their services, online. That’s why you can see various types of products and services that you can find in physical stores offered online which are just a means of attracting customers to their physical locations, such as physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, among others.

Different Types of Business Strategy

Learn of the different types of business strategies including growth, acquisition, product differentiation and price skimming. Several levels of business strategy are detailed in a company’s strategic plan to ensure success.

Business strategy is the long term plan that is used for achieving the desired goals of your business. It is the best way of accomplishing the objectives of business. It helps to generate profit and win over customers. A business strategy is generally concerned with the resource issues including raising finance, deciding on products and allocation of major resources.

These strategies that are of different types take into account the scope of the business activities which can determine the direction of a business. It also enables you to develop a growth or business plans for achieving your business goals. This is done by focusing on the strength of your business so that it can be differentiated from the competitors. Business strategies can be used for setting priorities for your company and management team. It helps in attracting and retaining talented workers.

The different types of business strategy

Growth strategy

This strategy entails introduction of new products or addition of new features into your existing products. It helps to get or keep the business ahead of the competition. It can also involve modifying, business analysis and development or increasing the product line with newest technology that can help you to gain an edge over your competitors.

Acquisition strategy

This is the best way of gaining a competitive advantage over the competitors which entails the purchase of another company or product line of the company for expanding its operations.

Product differentiation strategy

Differentiation strategy is generally used by small companies when it has competitive advantage over its competitors. A competitive strategy is important for business success. It can set them apart from its key competitors. Such business strategies can also help in building the brand loyalty of the company. This helps it to earn more revenue and profit.

Price skimming strategy

It involves the process of charging high prices for any products and services during its introductory phase as it helps in recovering the advertising and production costs quickly. Hence its importance entails adding attractive features to the products so that customers are willing to pay exorbitant price.

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