Business Planning Definition – The Why, Who & the Process

Learn what is business planning definition including the why, who and the process necessary to ensure success for the enterprise.

What is Business Planning Definition

In its simplest form, business planning is a process of creating goals and detailing how to achieve those goals. The process can be extensive covering each aspect of the company, or it can focus on specific functions within the company’s structure. Often times, it involves the use of the company’s resources or consultants to help in creating and implementing the plan. Following are the why, who and the process:

Why do planning?

Writing a business plan is important for any business development strategy. There are a whole host of reasons for planning, it might be because a person is going to venture into a new business or launch a new product. Whatever reason one may have, business plans will offer myriads of benefits to an enterprise. It is the engine that drives business growth and takes it to the next level. In addition to this, it helps the business owner comprehend interdependencies and be good at delegating. Some sites offer a business plan template to help you write your company’s business plan. Proper planning will help an enterprise to set and meet financial statements projections.

Who needs planning?

A vast majority of entrepreneurs who need to do planning don’t know they need it. This is essential for effective business management. Sadly, they get trapped by business plan myths. They do not realize that a business plan is not only to start a business but to achieve a good business model. For a business to succeed, whether small business or a multi-national corporation, it simply must plan ahead, set priorities, allot resource and manage the finances accordingly.

The planning process

There are no rules of what planning should cover or details it should contain, but it should cover important aspects of a business. A great business plan should address factors like describing the mission of the company, acquiring operation license, incorporating the business, as well as defining the company’s basic structure. In addition to these factors, it should focus on what products and services to offer as well as how to produce those products. Then analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats are necessary. So too, knowing the target market is a must for any business plan.

If you were wondering what is a business plan, now you know. Do not accept demerits in business. Writing business plans is much easier than many people think, and priceless. You should write a business plan for your company with necessary financial projections.

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