Business Networking Tips with Model and Process

Check out these business networking tips with model and process that will aid you in building new contacts to ensure enterprise success.

Business networking is a skill and a low cost method of marketing that is usually used to build new business contacts through connecting or linking with other like-minded individuals. It is normally done through face to face meeting at any place and at any time but it is commonly done at community or business events and to be more specific, business networking events.

In simple words, business networking is all about making business connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. The following tips should bring success:

Business Networking Tips

1. Be genuine

Large and small business owners alike are to be genuine and authentic to others. To earn the trust and confidence of others, you must be able to make them believe you can, and that can only happen if you are genuine.

2. Clearly identify your goals

Before you participate in a networking meeting, the first thing that you need to ask yourself is; what are my goals and objectives? You must know what you want to achieve when participating in such meeting if you will be successful. This way, you will be able to pick groups or individuals who will help you get what you are looking for. This is true if you operate a large, medium or small business.

3. Put more emphasis on referrals

When people give you referrals, you must ensure that you follow through quickly and efficiently. These can come by networking event, social media, business cards or by other means. Referrals to new people can help you build an empire or business network. Therefore ensure that you take them seriously and treat them with the honor and respect that they deserve.

4. Have a clear understanding of what you are doing

Despite defining your objective clearly, you must have a clear understanding of the business process, what you are doing, why, and for whom. You must also know what makes you special from others who are doing the same thing as you. In order to get business contact, you must be able to convince them that you actually understand what you are doing, and that you are doing things better than your competitors.

The Meaning of Business Model

Learn the meaning of business model including information on the different types such as retail, franchise, distributor and manufacturer.

A business model is the way in which companies sell their products to their customers. It is an abstract representation of any organization that can be graphical, textual or conceptual. These consists of financial, co-operational or inter-related arrangements that organizations develop and design by in the present time or in future.

The business model of your organization enables you to determine the kind of products or services that you offer to your customers. This is for achieving the strategic objectives and goals of your old or new business. The business model describes the rationale for the way your organization will create, deliver and capture the value in social, economical and cultural contexts. It includes the business process that your company uses for its operations. It also speaks to the cost involved in carrying out the tasks. Following are the different types:

The different types of business models

The business models are the ways in which an organization can sell off their products to their customers. There are different types of business models including retail, franchise, distributor and manufacturer.

Retail model

This involves the purchase of products and services from wholesaler and distributor by the retail outlet. These product are then sold to general public or corporate end users.

Franchise model

It is different from the other business models as you can either be a retail outlet, distributor or manufacturer which depends on the kind of business that you purchase. It includes an added element of franchise company that can be incorporated into the existing structure of the business.


This model include purchase of products from any manufacturer directly for resale to retain outlets or directly to the general public.


The most important role of the manufacturer is to take different raw materials for creating products. This model is also relevant for companies involved in assembling products from the pre-made products.

A business model design is dependent on the type of product or service a company wants to offer. To come up with the best model however proper business analysis must be conducted. Innovation or generation of such models will require tremendous effort but can be profitable in the end.

Business Process Management

Learn the meaning of business process management, collection, evaluation of the structure, marketing strategy and delivery.

A business process is defined as a collection of activities that take place within a company, leading to a particular end. Oftentimes, it concentrates on fulfilling the needs of the consumers. It also involves the delivering quality service that will meet the demands. The specific steps to business processes differ from one firm structure to another. However, there are certain elements and sub-processes present in most business sectors. To some extent, these sub-processes usually occur in a chronological order that result in a completion of the process. Likewise, this process involves collection of modeling, improvement, mapping, design, analysis, market strategy and re-engineering. These work in an analytical sequence in order to attain the company’s goal.


The first step usually has to do with the collection of resources needed for the business operation. As a way to take full advantage of this, management takes steps to ensure that the materials are of highest quality and standard, but at a very affordable price. This increases the potential of generating a better amount of profit after production and sale of the unit.

Evaluation of the structure

The next step involves the evaluation of the structure. It speaks to the modeling, process improvement, mapping, design, and analysis. Here, the structure of the plant facility is made, so that the materials will be processed with the greatest degree of efficiency. This involves other factors, such as setting sensible production goals, employee training, business analysis, sound business management and launching a workable maintenance program.

Market Strategy

It has been mentioned earlier that the final product should meet the demands of the customers. With that, it’s important to develop and implement strategies that will inform the buyers that the product is of high quality. Some of the factors this involves are advertising efforts, public relations, and the establishment of a market strategy.


The moment the products have been sold, the final step has to do with the delivery method. This includes certain elements, such as processing the orders in a timely manner, notifying the client of the scheduled delivery date, and so on. Also, the delivery process has something to do with obtaining a feedback from the customer, in order to determine their satisfaction or not.

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