Business Communication Definition with Types & More

Learn what is business communication definition, its verbal, written and electronic types as well as its importance and functions.

What is Business Communication Definition

Communication plays an important role in our lives. Society, technology and business are dependent upon effective communication. There will be misunderstandings, confusions and dissatisfaction without effective communication. Business communication is the key to maintain successful business relations.

One must understand the different types of communication as well as the importance, and functions of basics business communication in order to operate a business appropriately. He should also understand its role in making a business a successful one.

Different Types of Communication

Business communication can be of three main types as mentioned below.

Verbal: It is a way to communicate with an individual or a business via meetings, personal interviews, telephones and video conferencing. This requires the appropriate body language  when speaking.

Written: It can be done with the help of formal letters, business memos, posters or bulletin boards at the workplace.

Electronic: It can be achieved with the help of technology like through text messages, online chats, company websites, social networking and email.

The Importance of Business Communication

Effective business communication methods help an organization to develop productive interpersonal relationships among coworkers and successful customer service resolutions that result in effective marketing campaigns. It is necessary for strong business analysis and development. With proper communication skills the professionals can understand the importance and how to deliver messages for the best results in business activities.

The Functions of Communication

There are three main functions of communication in business. They are as follows:

Employee Motivation: Managers and supervisors use different types of communication to encourage and motivate employees and subordinates to perform to their highest potential. When an employee completes a task and his supervisor praises and motivates him then he moves on to perform better.

Decision Making: Communication helps businesses to make decisions for the company. If a certain department of business requires greater workforce then with meaningful communication this target can be fulfilled. If there is shortage of workers or equipment in the production department then with good communication this message can be conveyed to the concerned authorities.

Job Control: It is an important function of business communication that helps in controlling the behavior and duties of employees on the job. The employees can be enlightened about the company work policies about how they should conduct themselves at the workplace with proper communication.

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